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Clinical-Disaster Research Center

The University of Mississippi

Active Studies

Below is a list of the CDRC’s active studies. If you are interested in a particular study or would like further information, please contact the Primary Investigator at the email address provided:

College Students’ Coping and Stressful Life Experiences  – CLOSED

Primary Investigator

Marci Weber, M.A.


We are interested in seeing what stressful and traumatic experiences college students have had and how they have coped with them. You will see questions regarding stressful and traumatic events including violence and sexual violence and problems you have had because of these experiences. You will also see questions about positive aspects of your life. You can take the survey online using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The first administration is in person, and you can take the survey after that using a link that will be sent to you through the SONA system.

Psychological Impact of the August 2018 Jacksonville Landing Mass Shooting on Jacksonville, Florida Residents

Primary Investigator

Mikaela Raley, M.A.


On August 26, 2018, a gunman opened fire on a group of individuals at a Madden NFL 19 videogame tournament at the Landing in Jacksonville, Florida. It was reported that twelve individuals were injured, with an additional three casualties including the gunman. Manmade disasters, such as mass shootings, aviation disasters, chemical/oil spills, or domestic/international acts of terrorism, are potentially traumatic events that have the possibility to drastically impact communities along with the physical and psychological well-being of members of those communities. We are conducting research to learn how individuals in the communities that were impacted by the recent mass shooting are coping with their thoughts and feelings following these experiences. In particular, we are interested in understanding the impact of the shooting on quality of life and sense of well-being, as well as identifying psychological factors that are associated with resilience, psychological growth and connectedness.

Executive Functioning & Purpose in Life Among Emerging Adults

Primary Investigator

Alexis Liberto, M.A.


We are interested in seeing how an individual’s level of executive functioning can influence their levels of perceived purpose in life throughout emerging adulthood. You will also see questions about your ability to self-regulate your behaviors. You can take the survey online using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Following the online portion of the administration, you will be asked to come to the lab to complete the in-person portion of the study. During this appointment, you will be administered three assessments of executive functioning by a qualified researcher.


Updated: January 31, 2020