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Clinical-Disaster Research Center
The University of Mississippi


Based in Oxford, Mississippi, the University of Mississippi Clinical Disaster Research Center is a diverse team of researchers and graduate students from the University of Mississippi Department of Psychology. The UM-CDRC focuses on research, education, and service in the area of clinical-disaster psychology.

The UM-CDRC is currently focused on the BP Behavioral Health Grant and works within the areas of clinical disaster research, positive psychology, consultation, program evaluation, and disaster response training.

BP Behavioral Health Grant
The UM-CDRC is currently under contract with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health to monitor the BP Behavioral Health Grant in Mississippi. The project includes collaborating with 19 mental health agencies along the Mississippi Gulf Coast to assess psychological variables, services provided, and treatment outcomes in the wake of the Gulf Oil Spill.

Clinical Disaster Research
Natural and man-made disasters often occur unexpectedly and can cause significant difficulties for those living in the disaster affected area. The UM-CDRC conducts research with individuals affected by disasters to better understand their experience and how they cope with these difficulties.

Positive Psychology
Disasters are traumatic experiences that can negatively affect people’s lives. Yet, somehow, most disaster survivors recover from these experiences and go on to lead happy and productive lives. The UM-CDRC studies how positive attributes, such as meaning in life, resilience, and self-efficacy, allow survivors to overcome the effects of a disaster.