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Clinical-Disaster Research Center
The University of Mississippi


The mission of The University of Mississippi Clinical-Disaster Research Center (UM-CDRC) is to integrate service, training, and research in disaster mental health. We seek to develop evidence-based disaster preparedness, mitigation, and response practices to meet the needs of the University, local community, and region. The UM-CDRC strives to better understand the experiences of those affected by disasters and how they cope with these events. Research is conducted to devise, implement, and evaluate empirically-based disaster preparedness, mitigation, and response programs with the intent of minimizing risk factors and maximizing protective factors. With rigorous, systematic research as a foundation, and with expertise in clinical, community, multicultural, and positive psychology, the UM-CDRC works to understand how concepts like resilience, self-efficacy, and perceived meaning foster disaster recovery and posttraumatic growth.