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Clinical-Disaster Research Center
The University of Mississippi

Responding and Coping

Please click on the COVID-19 Resources tab for phone numbers to national hotlines for help. If you are in crisis, please call 911.

Below are some ways to help you respond and cope during this time.

Community-Based Psychological First Aid Workshop

The University of Mississippi Clinical-Disaster Research Center (UM-CDRC) specializes in community-based psychological first aid (CBPFA; analogous to medical first aid), with workshops offered conjointly with the support of the Psychological Services Center. CBPFA helps individuals to develop skills they can use in coping with the stress in their own lives, as well as stress in the lives of others. These skills include a knowledge of stress and extreme or overwhelming (traumatic) stress, effective active listening skills, and knowledge about how to help someone access other forms of psychological support if needed. For information about our CBPFA program, please contact Mikaela Raley or Jeff Pavlacic through the Psychological Services Center at (662) 915-7385.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Click on the image below for information on how to get vaccinated:

What Should I Know About Getting Vaccinated?


Face Masks Info

Informational Handouts, Checklists, Meditation Guides:



Coping in the Era of COVID-19

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mindful    self care


Fun things to do while social distancing:

CDC: Safety information for engaging in activities outside your home


Positive psychology:

Back to School Resources:

For Parents

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